5 tips for the least money to purchase a decent used car


Also for a used car you often have to dig deep into the pouch. And since you can only spend your hard-earned money once, you want as much value for money as possible. In short, you just want the best car you can get for your money. But how will you do this, but for your money the best-used car? Mega Pod Zilla gives the following 5 tips to buy the best-used cars.

1) Take the time to pick out a car

Often we don’t look for another car until it’s too late. For example, because our current car APK has been rejected. And that puts you directly in a less good negotiating position. Because you’re so used to having a car out front that you can’t live without it. Besides, a friend, your father, an acquaintance or a colleague only has time tomorrow to go with you to look at a car. So we have to hurry. This is a scenario that is common to many people who quickly look for a replacement used car for their current car.

2) Buy a car from a cloistered person

Buying a car from a private individual is always the cheapest option when looking for a used car. A private individual is not usually interested in making a profit on the car he has for sale. Usually, a private individual wants to sell a car because he or she bought another car. This person would like to get rid of this car as quickly as possible.

Also, you do not get a guarantee on your purchase from a private person, you do not have to pay staff and you do not have to rent a building to display the car. And in this way, a second-hand car from a private individual can be hundreds, if not thousands of euros, cheaper than a dealer, a garage or even a car dealer.


3) Look at less popular cars

Opel, Volkswagen, Audi and also BMW have always been the car brands that are unabated by people who want to buy a car. And so the cars of these brands are value-resistant and thus also used significantly more expensive than a less popular car. While a less popular car does not necessarily mean a less good car. For example, it could be common for a particular model to be less popular with the general public. Or that a brand is not so well known to the general public. Or just (yet) does not have the reputation that the brand would deserve.

4) Look at a bigger car

Small cars are popular in our country. Because they are so cheap and economical in maintenance, road tax, and insurance. However, they also have a much lower value for capital. Because what’s popular is expensive. However, to make the cars new as cheap as possible, the construction quality is often a lot less than that of larger cars. And when the small car is nice and has already been a few years old, you can see and remember. It may, therefore, be worth considering how much more expensive a slightly larger car is in the circumstances in which you use the car.

tips to buy cars

5) By negotiating more value for money

We have already mentioned: negotiation is a game. That means that the price of a used car is always an Asking price. Because every seller, whether it’s a private or a car company, expects buyers to ask for a minimum price. You will have the most success in negotiating the price if you spend some time in advance to find out what the prices are where the car you are looking for is on average for sale. And then take the time to take a look at some of them and try out with them. With at least a cheap one, an average priced one and an expensive one.


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