7 tips to prepare for your wedding more effectively from start


The pairs recognize the scale of the task until the euphoria of a wedding proposal is over. The color of the towels, the fragrance of the wedding cake, the choice of the florist or the jazz band for the cocktail. Mega Pod tips to start planning this day, effectively and without cold sweats.

1.Defining the budget

See you for the box of your wedding on the grounds of your income, expenses, and investments, clearly and honestly. Put concerning his desires, and the need, perhaps, to have to make certain compromises.

2.Setting priorities

The designer dress, the champagne at the cocktail, the DJ star, the photo booth, the generously flowered centerpieces, the drone shots of the ceremony, what are we ready to skip? And what is non-negotiable? To be able to arbitrate expenses, it is essential to agree on the unavoidable budget items and bonuses.

3.List of guests

The number of guests determines the two most important positions: the venue and the caterer. Before starting any process, it is necessary to have an idea of the number of guests. Once the list is drawn up, if it is too long, we decide: do we invite the children? What about great-cousins whose first name is not even remembered? Are the Friends of the bridge club of the mother-in-law indispensable for the success of this day? Now is the time to grant his violins, not once the invitations are issued.

4. Find your style

If there is no obligation to choose a theme, on the other hand, it is strongly advised to define colors and atmosphere. That will allow a common denominator, be it location, bride and bride’s outfit, cabinet or central pieces, to direct the smart choices. Choose your theme of the wedding which you have planned throughout your life with your lover.

5. Book the venue

For good reason, it is the availability of it that will determine the date. Once the place is booked, you can start canvassing other providers. We start by agreeing where we want to say yes. Wedding in Provence or on the beaches of the south-west? We keep in mind the fact that we can only marry civilly in the town hall of a city where we have ties. If you want to say yes far from home, you will have to consider the idea of organizing a separate civil marriage. Once the geographical area is defined, we embark on visits.

6. Book the date in the town hall

Is the place booked? Head to the town hall. In large cities, it is sometimes complicated to find a date. We do not hesitate to do it early so that later you did not have to face problems.

7. Do not rush

When you start, you tend to want to go fast to complete everything on time. As a result, we make unnecessary purchases, or we referee badly. This is especially true for home decor inspirations. At first, we are teeming with ideas and we have difficulty sorting. If we allow ourselves a little time, we can better determine what is important.



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