Promotion of the company on Yandex and Google maps


Maps are one of the most popular types of services on the Internet. For some organizations, the occupation of the top in the “Yandex” and “Google Maps” is preferable to a high position in organics.

For example, you sell Souvenirs, and a potential buyer is looking for a nice gift in your city. It probably doesn’t need a website, it just needs the address to go to. And if a car breaks down on the road, it will probably be repaired by the nearest workshop, which will be found on the maps. Of course, maps alone are unlikely to replace comprehensive promotion on the Internet, but they do not face such a task. However, there are times when they can be the main source of traffic and sales.

Promotion in Yandex Maps

It requires a specific sequence of actions. We will talk about this now. Promotion in Yandex Maps. Promotion in Yandex Cards “starts with registration and confirmation of your organization. It must be added to Yandex Reference “when registering via” Yandex Directory” you need to enter a name, work schedule, and select a category – main and additional. You also need to upload photos. General store photos are preferable here, they will help you find you in the building. Also, in “Yandex Maps” you can add photos of storefronts and stands to form a general idea about you. When all the necessary data has been entered, you just have to wait for a call from Yandex representatives, after which the organization will be confirmed. Adding to maps is also possible without confirmation, via the maps themselves. However, this is not very convenient – in the future, you will not be able to easily and quickly edit information.

yandex maps

Promotion in Google Maps

Here, too, you need to register your organization, but this time it will not appear in the search until we confirm the rights to it. You need to fill out the organization card. And, for this, you need a Google account. You can usually only confirm an organization with a code from the email you are supposed to receive. But someone does not get this letter at all. But there are even more interesting reasons – if you fill out something wrong in the card, and then wait for an email, it will not come.

You can contact Google partners to identify yourself. Google partners can advise you and point out any errors in your profile. As a rule, this service is paid. This way you can appear on maps in two or three days. If you urgently need to get to the maps, but there is no time to wait – this is the optimal solution.

Confirmation of the organisation

For some companies, confirmation can be made via a phone call or mass confirmation. For example, if you have already confirmed a significant number of outlets or branches of your company (usually at least 10), you can simply add new ones from your Google account. But you may have tried everything and there is no result. As a last resort, you can try to contact Google representatives and confirm your organization manually technical support will request information and photos.

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