Top 5 ever best locations in world to eat outdoor dinners

The biggest advantage of eating out is that it helps families get closer and have a good time together because when you are at home, there are a lot of distractions that do not allow all family members to eat together, but when it comes to going out for dinner, there are no such distractions that help families create a strong emotional connection between family members.

This is a welcome change for female family members because it sometimes becomes boring or boring to keep eating at home for many days and when you go to eat out, it gives relief and joy because too much of a thing can be boring and eating at home for a long time is one of those things. based on research published a top five of her clients ‘ favorite locations to eat outdoors. The booking site offers 1.6 million accommodations worldwide at 128,000 destinations and can, therefore, make a good comparison.

The company says that the research has been carried out independently on behalf of Adults have taken part in these visits during the past 12 months. In total, there were 56,727 participants from dozens of countries, including the Netherlands.

On the list of, with lyrical descriptions, ‘restaurants on rooftops with panoramic views over the city, to pearls on the waterfront,’ says the American company that has its headquarters in Amsterdam.

Monopoli, Italy

In number one, Grotto Palazzese stands at Monopoli, in Italy, just south of Bari. The description of ‘the enchanting Grotta Palazzese will charm every foodie. This breathtaking restaurant is built in a cave on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. For a unique dinner experience, you need to go to this ancient fairy tale restaurant in southern Italy. From your beautifully lit table, enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea as the waves hit the rocks below you.”

ristorante hotel grotta palazzese


Number two: Sirocco in Bangkok, with the highest restaurant terrace in the world. ‘the iconic roof restaurant is located on the 63rd floor of the State Tower and offers an unparalleled view of the lively Bangkok. And we haven’t even talked about the chef’s tasting menu and the Jazz Band.”

lebua at state tower

Port Douglas, Australia

Three is Flames of the Forest in Port Douglas, Australia, just north of Cairns in the northeast of the country. ‘Thanks to the Australian sun and the warm temperatures you can eat outdoors in Port Douglas all year round. Flames of the Forest, in the heart of Tropical North Queensland, and is the only restaurant in Australia with a terrace, located in a rain forest, and combines local products with a top-quality environment.”

Port Douglas, Australia

Cedarburg, South Africa

Four: Embers at Bushmans Gorge, in Cedarburg, South Africa, 300 kilometers north of Cape Town. ‘Embers at Bushman’s Gorge is located on a cliff and looks out for the spectacular valley. It is illuminated by an atmosphere of fire and countless candles and lanterns that produce a magical scene, ‘ says

Cedarburg, South Africa


Finally, five: Coq d’argent, London. says: ‘Coq d’argent is a must for those who want to have dinner outside; they have delicious French cuisine and a beautiful roof garden overlooking the skyline of the British capital.”

Coq d'argent, London

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