Bad yoga

Yoga is just like an exercise which includes different type of stretches and poses with breathing techniques. Anyone can do it easily according to their age and fitness level. It helps out to eliminate the stress level and promoting relaxation to your body. But if you do not do your poses accurately and with heartedly, it can become a serious injury to you.

Here we are going to talk about some bad yoga habits that some people do while performing their yoga practice. Let’s have a look at some bad yoga practices:

Mountain pose:

You’d think this one would be a simple process. You’re just standing there, after all. At the top of the shoulders, two errors I see all the time are overarching and booty out and People love sticking out their asses.”

The second is that your spine is not in a neutral alignment so it is also a sign of a bad yoga pose. If you are creating your spine in neutral nudges will help you to provide stability and power.

Up work Dog:

Some people do mistakes while performing the up work dog pose. They strain their neck to look up and let their legs relax on the ground. It is a very bad yoga practice that will cause pain to your body. While doing this pose, always keep look forward and keep your head neutral.


It is another type of yoga exercise in which you have to lay down in a high plank position with palms directly under your shoulders. But some bend their elbows out to the side and let their hips into the air so we can also say it a bad yoga experience that will give effect your health badly.

Half Lift:

Half lift means that you have to keep your back flat and press your hands onto your legs. In this way, keep your whole weight in heels. So in half lift pose, don’t do your arch back and hang your hand in the air. Performing every pose or stretch correctly will be the best practice to increase your body strength.

Warrior II:

Warrior II is another paragon of yoga workouts. In this pose, some do wrong poses that cause body pain. They Lift their front arm and drop back arm and let front knee shift backward. So it is also a wrong and bad yoga practice.

Keeping your arms parallel to the floor and the front knee directly over the front ankle will help you get more benefits from yoga. As it will promote your sleep and eliminate depression.


Here we have discussed some bad yoga practices that give body pain instead of relaxing your body. No doubt yoga enhances power and provides you flexibility but doing it in the wrong way would be cause a serious injury to your body.

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